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No.1 Inventories produce an "AS SEEN" snapshot report detailing the state of the property and the properties contents at the time of the inventory inspection.

Mid Term inspections are undertaken part way through a Tenancy, at the request of an agent or landlord. Our reports generate a rough guide as to the condition of the property and its contents at the time of the inspection. Its purpose is to give the reader an idea as to whether the property and its contents are being well treated. A further benefit of an interim is the noting of any dilapidations or health and safety issues needing immediate attention.

Check In services involves showing the new tenant around a property with the inventory at hand. All items and their condition are pointed out to the tenant and any amendments to the inventory, if any, are made. The tenant then agrees to the draft inventory and signs accordingly. The inventory is then altered (where necessary) and submitted, with the signed check in document, as a final report to the landlord or agent.

Check Out is an inspection and report produced at the end of a tenancy. The report identifies whether the state and or contents of the property have changed in any way from that listed on the original inventory. From this an assessment can be made as to whether a dilapidation claim against the tenant deposit is required.